Our Reaction To Our Babys First Steps!

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  1. R&T Unstoppable Love

    The Addams family would be a cute costume

  2. I feel some kids pick and choose to eat meat, All 3 of my kids didn’t eat meat until they turned 3 years old but my girls passed 3 years old and still don’t like it I’m not sure why? Is anyone else’s kids like this?

  3. The adams family

  4. The adams family!!!!

  5. Let’s just appreciate how much time and effort that Ian and Russel put into these video’s

  6. Fuckin lames

  7. this video was hecka funny love u guys

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  9. It’s like perfect timing my baby is one and she just started taking her first steps as well! I keep saying she will walk before December or before her dadas bootcamp graduation!! For sure 🙂

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