Presenting our new home together!!

Business e-mail: heath@28thave.com

For New Merch!

Friends in the video clip:

Zane – IG @Zane

Mariah – IG @mariahamato

Matt – IG @mattrking

Todd – IG @todderic_

David – IG @daviddobrik

Jason – IG @jasonnash

Carly – IG @carlyincontro

Erin – IG @eringilfoy

Scott – IG @vanilladingdong


  1. Ok but this is Wayyy better than David’s ngl

  2. I love this house!

  3. Beautiful house, so proud of you guys


  5. Who interior designed it? It’s beautiful, very rustic I love it

  6. مريم مريم

    Hi, I am an Arab girl residing in Turkey. I need financial help. Please I want to be treated for cancer please

  7. huge fan of the bench

  8. Can’t wait for this to become the hussar family channel 🥰🥰🥰

  9. Adopt me

  10. Jaydee Donnelly

    Beautiful home guys.

  11. i LOVE how they support each other like how they were spinning. ugh if they break up there’s not hope for any other relationship .

  12. Get a tortoise it would love that massive garden

  13. Isaiah Stephens

    At the beginning i thought it was gonna be an antique boring house, then i saw the kitchen and was like wow 😳😱

  14. I LOVE IT

  15. Michael Raymundo

    your girlfriend is cute

  16. Djjddjj Dhdjdhhd

    I love how far Heath has come very inspirational keep going buddy💞

  17. i just sat here for 14:20 straight smiling like an idiot because these two are everything.

  18. I love this place.

  19. Beautiful house guys, it’s like a dream, especially the back yard, really happy for you!

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