Our Lives Are About To Change Forever

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  1. Melissa Arencibia

    Now that Hila is having a baby, who’s gonna be Ethan’s carer?

  2. Bruh that baby finna pop out and invade Normandy

  3. “Finally us fat guys are getting representation, yeah, my pain is self inflicted unfortunately”

  4. A lot of fetish boxes were ticked during this video. As funny as it was hearing Hila ask if she should wear diapers after pregnancy, there’s nothing more degenerate than diaper porn… Well maybe furry… but they usually get drawn with diapers anyway.

  5. Hila looks like a mom now, and Ethan…Ethan is still Ethan

  6. OMGOSH! I hope she has him on my birthday!! June 4th! <33 hoping you have the most safe and happiest birth!!

  7. Are you going to stream the delivery?

  8. aye my birthday is june 15 gl dude.

  9. #3 on trending

  10. MissinInAction

    paint that sumbitch with poop.

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