our hands are too little for this… – 10 Minute Power Hour

But they are just large enough… FOR GEMS!

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  2. Hey editors don’t forget to add this to the playlist

  3. You should do more of the treasure x stuff I think there’s dinosaur versions

  4. get… bigger hands 🙁

  5. That was the most honest “arin stop” I’ve heard out of Dan in a long time

  6. Camilla Ridgeway

    Arin- “If you want us to kill a lizard, post it in the comments now.”

    I have cats at home who sometimes play and kill lizards, and leave their corpse on the floor of my house. So I’m good, Thank you

  7. Please, Arin, don’t kill a lizard.

    _This message brought to you by your reptilian overlords._

  8. Ross Can't Do Anything


  9. Adam Scot Kearns

    How many people also immediately searched up “treasure x commercial arin hanson”

  10. dragonriderfye1

    Arin ‘hey, Dan.’
    Dan ‘whats up, Arin?’
    Arin ‘WRARRRRGGG!’
    Lol. I LOVE when Arin just goes BALLISTIC for NO REASON. 🤣 he kind of reminds me of my older cousin, accept he’s Male.

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