THIS WAS AMAZING and we had SO MUCH FUN 😀 ! It was so so cool to meet all of you at my first ever Meet & Greet and I can not wait to do more! Perhaps next video blog can be our Twitch Con Amsterdam trip!

Edited & Captioned by Kristin 🙂
Finalised by Phil 😀

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  1. Important question: we’re the waffles Belgian? And, was the syrup real or was it store brand?

  2. Your Unknown Friend 💗

    this has such a nice feeling of nostalgia (?) english hard, but i love your music choices and editing

  3. This dude’s going to have health problems wearing that mask all the time

  4. 14:47 not me spitting Isabel and emily from SM6 right there

  5. This is so great, I really hope I can go to one of these some day🫶🏻

  6. The amount of white girl energy in the crowd is crazy

  7. Much pog. Much wow

  8. Ah yes. The better looking Harry Potter.

  9. Yooo

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