Our due date, breastfeeding while pregnant & baby names | Unplanned Podcast Ep. 4

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  1. Congrats!!! So excited for you guys!!❤

  2. I love you guys. Your always real, and I love babies! Congratulations on your new little blessing.

    • I was gonna say too, my SO and I do some photography and our last baby (third) was born July 13th (right after griffin) he took some photos of “that” and I thought it was so cool. With our first two I never seen so it was cool to know I did that three times! Kept for ourselves of course just for the memories, the only thing I regret is not filming any of it. I’m no influencer but just as a home video to keep for us and them!

  3. When’s the gender reveal?

  4. Did anyone catch Matt saying he “hopes griffin comes on your dads birthday” 😂😂 3:56

  5. My kids are big brother and little sister. 18 months apart and it was the best decision I made to have them close together. They have been best friends form the first minute. You should be exited about them close together. I really hope you get what I had. I hope the baby is a girl only to have big bro and little sis. 😊

  6. My sister breast fed her first through her whole second pregnancy and was fine

  7. If you ever need a sitter when your kids get older I also live out in the queen creek area so it might work idk

  8. Sarah, Plain & Mom

    Babies tend to come when they come. 🎉the more the merrier.

  9. Oh that’s so cool! The baby’s due date is India’s independence day!

  10. I’m 31 and just had our last baby

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