Our Diesel Powered Ford Galaxie Now Has AIR BAG Suspension!… Well Sorta

Yeahhhhh sibling, the Galaxie is BAGGED!
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-Leroy’s BILLET Intake!

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  1. when will the piston rods and dad bods shirts be sent out I order one of those bad boys and 1 other shirt like almost 2 weeks ago. and that galaxy is one bad momma

  2. Just need some titanium bars out the back so u can throw sparks drivin down the road.

  3. The galaxy is super chill and rolling coal.

  4. Lookin good guys! So, are you going to end up measuring the length of line to the front bags and then use the same amount in the back for each just coiled up or something so they go at the same rate if you want to do it all at once?

  5. keegan langford

    shes thigh high.

  6. Owen Bradbury Aranda

    You guys should take an epic photo with all the cars and update the channel backdrop!

  7. White Man From Town

    Optima use to make good batteries…

  8. Why have you not named her Lexi? My gal Lexi…

  9. have a dyno off buffalo vs gary the Galaxie

  10. We need to see the jet truck back on video when will that thing be ready???

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