Our Cruise Was CANCELLED After 4 Hours Onboard

I have just disembarked what could well be the shortest and craziest cruise in history on a ship that was planned to be scrapped in 2020. She was saved from the scrapyard by a new British cruise line and I booked a 3 evening mini break onboard the ship.

Our cruise was cancelled 4 hours after we boarded and in total we were onboard this ship for about 8 hours, and during that time we had more difficulties than we would usually on a full two week cruise. The way that everything was handled was so bizarre I honestly think I’m still in shock.

We boarded the ship in London Tilbury and were planning on heading to Bruges to the Christmas markets. Embarkation was pretty easy and despite the bad weather we were really excited to get onboard.

I picked up my cruise card which is the thing you use to get into your room, to buy drinks, pretty much everything onboard it’s very important. But my friends Justin and Tristan were told that they’d have to get theirs onboard as they weren’t ready yet, no big deal we thought, that isn’t uncommon on a cruise for things to be a bit delayed. The problem was much bigger than that but at this point we didn’t realise how widespread the problem was.

As soon as we embarked the ship we were in the middle of this beautiful Atrum, the ship was decorated for Christmas and looked amazing. Despite the ship being from 1991 everything here looked very new and I hoped that the rest of the ship would be as nice as this area. I didn’t have particularly high expectations after reading review after review online about broken toilets, broken air conditioning but this area definitely surpassed what I had expected.

One of my favourite things about cruising is that feeling when you first get onboard a cruise ship and you run around exploring as fast as you can. Looking back I’m so glad that I did because I wouldn’t have a chance to later. We found a big pub area called The Purple Turtle which I’ve since found out used to be a casino. In the UK we don’t gamble as much as other places so if a British cruise line buys an American or Australian ship, they normally replace the big casino with one thats much smaller.

The ship was originally launched in 1991 for Princess cruises as Regal Princess and spent most of her life as Pacific Dawn for P&O Australia. As I was wandering around the main public areas I thought wow Ambassador have done a great job renovating these spaces, I’ve since had a look at P&O Dawn ship reviews and I think I should be giving a lot of the credit to P&O instead of Ambassador because most of the inside spaces haven’t changed, even the picture frames are the same in the big lounges. Not that that’s a bad thing, they didn’t need to be changed, P&O did a great job with these areas when they refit the ship back in 2017.

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  1. Helloooo! Thanks so much for watching this video and reading this message. I will be getting a refund for the cruise fare but this is a great example of why you NEED travel insurance when you cruise. If you haven’t got it yet, here’s my guide: https://emmacruises.com/cruise-travel-insurance-why-you-need-it-and-how-to-get-it-step-by-step-guide/ 🥳🥳

    If you’d like some more info about this ship or cruise my friends Tristan and Justin have put together a vlog of the day and my friends Dan and Jay have a great ship tour of the ship. 😀💕

    Cruise Buoys Vlog: https://youtu.be/k8gPqPTbFgw
    Sail Away With Dan and Jay Tour: https://youtu.be/XBCVVW75SGk

    I seem to attract drama lately don’t I? It wasn’t long ago my cruise was interrupted by a WW2 bomb, now this! Ha ha, it’s all good content I say and I love having you to share this story with. Appreciate you lots! Have a great day. 🥳🙌

  2. I work 105 hours a week in oilfield to try to afford keeping up with problems my house has, broken furnace new roof water heater, ac, and sinking foundation and many more and I’m supposed to give a hell about your cruise? Screw you

  3. Like your honesty. Not many other cruise reviews are so honest and modest.

  4. This chick is cute, well spoken and relays information very well. I mean I would appreciate if she wore a bikini whilst presenting but who knows, maybe someday?

  5. Sounds a little bit more than just the lifeboats was wrong.

  6. if its like that for the passengers imagine what the crew has to go through.

  7. I mean, if it failed a safety inspection, best that you didn’t end up making headlines

  8. This is one of the cruise ships theyre going to house illegal immigants on!

  9. These cruise ships should be used at port to house the homeless.

  10. every homeless person has left the chat

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