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  1. i heard mizuno didn’t want them anymore and they didn’t like the direction their brand was going….i hope they have a good business manager b/c half of those guys can’t perform in a conference room when it comes to actual business deals and the art of the deal…

  2. New series idea: each member of GG becomes a PGA coach for a week with someone who’s never played golf before. WHO will be the best PGA coach!?

  3. CONGRATULATIONS GUYS! Looks like Grant and Micah left a little too soon. They made the biggest career mistakes I have ever heard of. Grant has a small shot but we shall see.

    • OfficialMattKendrick

      Congratulations, you have been randomly selected for the Taylor made rbz Speedlite full golf set giveaway quickly inbox the above 👆name on telegram to claim!

  4. You guys should try to get into pine valley in nj would love to see that course

  5. Congratulations guys!!!!! 😍

  6. How God damn desperate is Callaway? This is the most pathetic team up ever

  7. How long you out in Dubai for!!??? I’m flying out on the 26th to play & watch the DP world tour, would be amazing if I got to meet yous 🙏🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  8. My favorite club is a cally

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