Our Big Reveal!…Can’t Believe it’s finally ready

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Video Tease 00:00
Puppy update! 00:41
Designing the Barn 01:39
Night at my mothers residence 06:14
Going to neighborhood yard incomes 09:34
Antique Shopping 10:19
Wedding ring unveil 11:30
This HULTED everything… 13:42
Our Furnished Barn Makeover Reveal! 15:52
Chris’ Reaction! 26:01


  1. You guys do have a real knack for decorating. You should start a series where you and shane pick someone’s room an redesign it.

  2. Tell Shane that his ring is aquamarine!!! So pretty

  3. Olivia Tanking Animation

    Chris’ reaction was so cute

  4. such a cute simple space was turned into a wholesome home !! you both are definitely giving ✨interior designer✨

  5. This barn is something from a magazine. So beautiful.

  6. Ok but can we talk about how adorable chris is!! If you see this Chris slide in my DMS 🙈

  7. Who else wants a R&S Designs Co. ? They are sooo great at decor!!


    Amazing job on the barn

  9. I love this!!!! Absolutely stunning and sooo cute and cool they did it together!! Plus the icing on the cake was Chris’s reaction!! You guys are so selfless and sweet. This really made my night to watch this video.

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