1. Make the attic a movie theater room with a retractable movie screen

  2. The way my mouth was wide open the whole video because this house is beautiful!! Proud of you guys! 🤍🤍 I can’t wait for you guys to show us the rest of the house!

  3. Can you make the up stairs a movie 🍿 room ? Did you use your other one enough to warrant making that a cinema ?

  4. you guys should make the upstairs like a game room and put a 8 ball table or you could also give it to luis and make it a man cave

  5. Once u went up to the attic I immediately got haunted vibes but I’m just paranoid 😂 but I hope everything goes well it’s beautiful 🥰🥰

  6. the attack should be a games room!

  7. do like a theater room or game room up in the attic

  8. Desiree Melendez

    You should make it to a game room and I love your videos so much you are so funny 😍

  9. Love it!!!!!!

  10. Have the kids pick a hallway and let them storage their things in them and have the big room as a film room storage

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