Oscars 2023 Fashion Review

see you next year, mr. and mrs. fair !!

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About Kelsey:
Welcome to my channel! I am a 29 year old kindergarten professor turned YouTuber and performer.  I make “life-style concentrated” video clips but truthfully they are more sarcastic than anything. On my channel you can find me battling with a food processor, making fun of folks on the red carpet, or giving honestly good advice (if I do say so myself). So join the #KelseySquad to be a part of the #KelseyFam and remember to be a proud #Kelsinator just joking just watch my video clips.


  1. Why is everybody so afraid of saying anything about rihanna pregnancy style…

  2. theres no way that the chick with the feather on her nipples didnt put on a jacket right after walking the carpet lol

  3. My favorite MARRIEd couple 😮 😉😜

  4. How’d u miss Tems?

  5. Fashion review from two people who look like they just rolled out of bed. Yeah, your opinion will have weight…ha ha ha ha

  6. you didn’t review emma’s look😢

  7. 1:33 “I LIKE tHE dReSS” had me rolling

  8. the drunmline actually made me crack up

  9. Guys u r cool and Everything but at this point u should already know u have no taste when it comes to clothes just look at what u wearing homeless shit right there

  10. You guys need to see a doctor… piss shouldn’t be orange. I’m concerned for you both…

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