Oscars 2023: Best and worst dressed stars on the red carpet

Stars worked the Oscars red carpet outdoors of Los Angeles’s Dolby Theatre (which, for the very first time in 62 years, is really a wine colour), in advance of the 95th Academy Awards, and an abundance of famous people bent into maximalist themes, with plenty of excess fabric, bold prints and bright pops of colour.

Style expert Susie Wall breaks down the fashion exults and misses from the champagne-coloured carpet on the Morning Show with hosts Jeff McArthur and Carolyn MacKenzie.


  1. Eva Longoria breasts were crooked in this dress one bigger than the other? Looks very weird 🤔

  2. Where was the RED CARPET???

  3. Lady Gaga was one of my favorites. I thought the dress was stunning.

  4. I loved lady Gaga in the black dress….

  5. Lose the splits in the dresses. Bleh!

  6. I absolutely don’t like the color of the carpet the carpet should have stayed red and they should’ve changed the color of drapes to sham pine color .at lest they should put a red runner on the carpet.whatever.

  7. Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    I’m so happy they have paddles that say Triumphs I tried to listen to this female announcer at the Grammys Red Carpet and Each Time I’d see what I viewed as weird and or over the top I promise you at each event it clearly sounds like She’s Saying Tramp!Love&Peace luv ya byo eJ

  8. The funny thing you think this is news

  9. If you abstain like me from that ego, back slapping expo, it makes little difference what they wear or don’t wear. There was a better game on at the same time. Watching a dog stop and poop on the red carpet would be more interesting.

  10. The punk look was more of a “short & chunky sponge bob” look. All those women on the carpet with mountains of sweaty rolls of flesh in see-through materials were so hard on the eyes. Why do so many people insist on calling the obscene “beautiful”? You just wouldn’t see those images anywhere else around the world. Bare in-your-face obesity should be kept private.

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