Ordering Delivery to the Driver’s House Prank

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Ross @CreationsRoss
JJ @JJmizell
Kole @kole.clark



0:00 Legend
0:02 Bring your barber to work day
1:20 You still got it in you
1:57 Dude, YouTube
3:19 Website promo
3:37 Ordering Delivery to the Delivery
Driver’s House
10:18 We try to split it

10:33 Sweet tea for the sweetie
12:37 Ross and Rob adventures
19:45 New video clip
19:56 Outro
20:11 Ohhh no


  1. Mail shredder idea is hilarious

  2. I clicked on the video because i thought the channel was That Was Epic then i got about half way through the video before i realized that Juan is not in this video

  3. I have been watch you for year ever the whole pirate stun and I would like to see you go to a trampoline pack and pretend to be afraid of heights

  4. Sniff people and laugh histerically, because they smell funny.

  5. Have Cole dress up as a homeless man and go ask lawmakers for “change”

  6. Someonewhoisnotanexpert

    That bar experience is literally every weekend in Jersey. People here believe their emotions before logic way too much.

  7. More Ross Story Times!!!

  8. Imagine having Ross Creations showing up on your front door! That’s awesome 😎

  9. To whoever missed the masterpiece parked in the background parking lot @3:57 of the video, you’re welcome 🤙🏼

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