Order of the Phoenix…

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  1. Remember to visit The Battle Cats each day for login stamps and free gifts! Download and play The Battle Cats for free: https://pixly.go2cloud.org/SH3cq

  2. Ad and then sponsored application commercial and then another ad thiere is no video here just ads sad to see when a Channel goes money-grubbing without putting out any content

  3. Oh good we didn’t have to wait a whole year for this episode.

  4. I love that you’re recapping all the Harry Potter movies. 😅 they’re so nostalgic from my childhood

  5. Good Ole what? Finish the sentence, ALEXANDER😑

  6. It’s funny how the Prophecy is a lie if you think about it. Because with Harry being a Horcrux and thus hosting part of Tom Riddle’s soul he is technically the only thing keeping Voldemort alive in case all other Horcrux are destroyed.
    It’s so contradicting that Rowling always says that Harry is the only one that can kill Voldemort and that he is the chosen one when in fact anybody could if they just kill Harry first.
    She should’ve stayed with the premise of the first two or three books without changing it into this gritty thing that tries to take itself too serious. A quirky wizarding world in the underground without the whole political system that she attempted to bring in.

  7. The Waffle House has found its new host.

  8. 🎶The luscious locks of Lucious🎶
    I’d buy the whole haircare line

  9. Finally, a mobile games dev figured that shit out.

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