Opening this note handed to me in class over a decade ago.

My friend gave me this note in class, and I waited over 1 decade! New Zealand time, by the way. I opened it precisely when it was obligated to be opened!


  1. So much talent

  2. I’m here before 1k at least but this dude had 11 subscribers this morning i look at his social blade

  3. Courtney Shoemaker

    This dude is gonna get 100k subs in 4 days

  4. Bro u no 1

  5. Goes top trending, worth a decade

  6. Mmm yes #1 trending shall we gets this trending as well mmmm yes

  7. How does this guy have under 1k Subs but is #1 trending? How does this work? I should be trending to. & its this persons 1st video.

  8. Simply amazing.

  9. He waited 10 years just to do this video

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