Only One of Us will ESCAPE This Prison ALIVE..

This is another video clip like “Can you escape this Minecraft jail”
This is the Minecraft Villager Prison I hope you people like it and enjoy attempting to solve the Minecraft Prison
Thanks @Kenadian @Corealis for aiding build the puzzles!!


  1. WE ARE CLOSING IN ON 1 MIL SUBS PLEASE SUB! Also if this video hits 50k I drop a new story video this week!!

  2. At end throw a botlte so you both escape

  3. Prince Constantine Tj

    Theres gotta be another way remember that telescope drop into the preassure plate and escape

  4. Prince Constantine Tj

    Omg grox

  5. Prince Constantine Tj

    Your gonna get rekt

  6. dude just put a glass

  7. The ending was so funny 😂😂😂

  8. Dafds

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