One WEIRD TRICK artists do not want you to understand – 10MPH

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He’s right. He should not have had chicken nuggies before this one.

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  1. I love that this video is going 10 miles per hour

  2. Epic gamer moment

  3. Lucas Blanchard

    “gravity decide floor and celing”

  4. Arin eating clay never gets old

  5. angeleyes4us200

    It’s ok to color outside the lines that’s what being an artist is about Dan.

  6. You should do an episode where Arin and Dan have a kissing competition (kissing each other, of course)

  7. Ergonomics of Flatulence

    them playing operation with funny goggles doesn’t count as finishing trauma center

  8. Arin put up a good fight during the Creator Clash. Big respect for our video game boy.

  9. Useless

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