One Thousand Pokémon! 🥳

Twenty-six years after the release of the original Pokémon games—Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Green Version in Japan—the number of Pokémon found has finally exceeded one thousand!

Let us celebrate the occasion with a glimpse back at some of your favorite Pokémon!

Start your adventure in Paldea today! ❤️💜


  1. This is a clue to stop making new mons and focus on improving the gameplay. Legends Arceus was a step in that direction. Scarlet and Violet were not as good.

  2. You know what’d be a great April Fool’s Day video? The same video- but done with all SHINIES.

  3. Caught most of them. You want a monthly sub for me to bring the majority of what I’ve caught to the modern day because Galar doesn’t support most of ’em, and odds expect I still won’t see the ability even have just the fully evolved count without that Home sub because $$$>legacy, despite this video.

  4. Professor Cypress

    Now, if only they were all-in-one game.

  5. Yaaaaay!!! I saw Vulpix!!! 😀

  6. To answer your final question at the end, we can’t anymore. ;_; GREAT vid, though.

  7. Mga Inapo ni Edito Sarabia


  8. I really wish yall would get some voice actors for the games. Its 2023 text box game play is outdated

  9. this silly little game has brought me and my siblings closer than ever over the years. proud to say we have played every single game. we may not have caught them all, but boy, do we love them all!! here’s to 1,000 more 💕

  10. I love the noticiable drop of overall quality that happens when they reach Scarlet and Violet.

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