One Of My “Cheap” Lamborghinis Is LEAVING! (You’ll NEVER Guess Why) – Garage Update Episode 3

This is insane!
Questions? Remarks?


  1. “Oooh, that’s a stinky exhaust.”

  2. Tavarish have you tryed to see if the cast of fast and the furious would sign the murci ?

  3. so how much does it cost to turn it on 🙂

  4. Lamborghini and cheap does not go in the same sentence !?

  5. On that Gallardo roof, is it by chance like an Audi/VW sunroof/auto-window where the switch has to be held until it has done one full cycle for adaptation before it works one-touch?

  6. At 1:00 he looks like the Lord the Savior

  7. Can you open a dispute about those broken lamps? (Ebay/PayPall)

  8. What a scam with the tail lights⁉️ I agree with fixing your manual TT Gallardo Spyder’s roof but I think your going overboard with the Murcialago windscreen as no one is ever going to really notice it⁉️ I definitely didn’t notice it until you mentioned it but it still looks good ??‍♂️✌

  9. Please fix the merci exhaust rear fitment too, It sits too far in. It needs to sit a further inch or two out.

  10. Instead of the velcro, just get a magentic set for your license plate 😉

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