on the run


  1. Like 3 minutes in.. Danny, Dan, and Daniel don’t sound like real words anymore

  2. i’ve had dreams where i’m scrolling through instagram

  3. Margaret Brennan

    I got the channel name reference lol

  4. McDonald’s Sprite

    Dan Dan the Man Man

  5. Dream boy- Waterparks

  6. I never watched the movies but I still knew where the second channel name came from

  7. Daniel Vincent

    I’m a Daniel, and I go by Daniel. Dan is too old. Danny is your name, and I wouldn’t want to take that from you.

  8. I thought it was pretty obvious your second channel was a reference

  9. My sons godfather is Daniel and he HATES to be called Danny (childhood trauma) so people who go by Danny, (including the doctor I work with) make me shiver

  10. his middle name is james

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