Omar Apollo – Evergreen (You Didn’t Deserve Me At All) [Official Music Video]

Listen to “Evergreen” by Omar Apollo:

Director: rubberband.
EP: Luigi Rossi, Elizabeth Doonan
Line Producer: Sarah Park
Director of Photography: Oli Millar
Production Designer: Miranda Lorenz
Wardrobe Stylist: Brandon Tan
Hair/Makeup: Anna Bernabe
1st AD: Josh Montes
Editor: Armen Harootun
Colorist: Aubrey Woodiwiss

Prod Co: SMUGGLER, LFR Productions Inc.
Label: Warner Records
EVP, Creative Services: Norman Wonderly
VP, Creative Services: Devin Sarno

Production Supervisor: JT Kappenstein
Production Coordinator: Zac Schaser

Camera Op B-Cam: Karim Belkasemi
1st AC: Josh Srin
1st AC B-Cam: Mac Myers
2nd AC: VInny Mauro
Loader: Jake Dugger
Gaffer: Dennis Ivarsson
BB Electric: Armeen Gurdzhyan
Electric: Anthony Najem
Electric: Jack Shaw
Key Grip: Jason Rupe
BB Grip: Nava Sergio
Grip: Jackson Richardson
Grip: Dominic Fogarty

Art Director: Hansel Martinez
Set Decorator: Helen Morales
Set Dresser/Driver: Jonathan Villalobos
Set Dresser: Jonathan Rodriguez
Set Dresser: Heidy Orellana
Construction Lead: Will Cragoe
Construction: Ryan Clough
Construction: Steven Smyka
Scenic: Danielle Manning
SPFX: Kevin Berve
Pyro Key: Neil Smith
Pyro Assist: Eric Allard

Stylist Assist: Aidan Palermo
CCO: Heather Richardson
Medic: Felix Holman
Office PA: Santi MacLean
Truck PA: Joseph Wride
Set PA: DeWayne McDowell
Set PA: Nikolas Orlando
Set PA: Jackson Bacil
Set PA: David Henriquez

Editor Assistant: Victor Dos Santos
VFX: Dara Hamidi

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He do not love
Me no more
He do not love
He do not love
Me no more

(First Verse)
Evergreen, he controls me
Was there something mistaken with my body
Am I not what you desired, babe
If I ever tried, if I ever tried
I would

Evergreen, he tears me to portions
Evergreen, does not even have to try

(Verse Two)
She do not
Know you like me
She could never love you more
More than me
But now and again I pray that you fall in love
I have cried, I’ve cried so much
For you baby

Evergreen , he tears me to portions
Evergreen, does not even have to try

(Verse Three)
You know you truly made me detest myself
Had to stop before I break myself
Shoulda broke it off to date myself
You did not deserve me at all, at all, at all

One last time
I see, Evergreen
Please do not come home to me
Sweet Evergreen
He do not love
Me no more

He do not love
Me no more
He do not love
He do not love
Me no more

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  1. It’s crazy how one music video could make you think lots of stuff

  2. ITS IN GODS HANDS….! β™₯

  3. Dang.. I Remembered when I first listened to Ivory it was a Satisfying piece of work, Ive Been a listener of Omar since Apolonio and finally he gets the Attention he needs

  4. Perfeito amooo muitooo!!! ❀

  5. This song really hit home with me. I was so in love with someone that I can finally see that she wasn’t in love with me as I was her. My world came crumbling down around me and I had to find myself again. This song in bodies that

  6. 🌸 π™‹π˜Όπ™π™π™‰π™€π™ π™π“€π˜Ύπ™† πŸ‘‰ CHECK MY CHANNEL

    I remember first listening to him when Unbothered came out, and now look at him 🀩So proud!


  8. Love this man

  9. Lol πŸ™‚ …

  10. Song is so fire the thing about Omar you can actually hear the sentiment in the songs, just listen to Want you Around as well you can feel it ❀

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