Olivia Newton-John Dead at 73

Olivia Newton-John has passed away. She was 73. The iconic entertainer’s family validated her demise via her Instagram account, unveiling she passed away at home in Southern California on Monday. Olivia is known best for her position as Sandy in the classic film ‘Lubricant,’ as well as her musical endeavors, which includes hits like ‘Physical’ and ‘I Honestly Love You.’

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  1. Eric Lenzenweger

    I think i was 14 years old, I went to cinema and look for Grease…..Omg….I did fall in love for sandy….I went again for 7 or 8 times for look this movie…….only for Sandy…..❤️❤️….now she is gone….but still in our heart,……😭

  2. erratic behavior

    Just want say I love you thank you for being you your a angel rip

  3. Very sad news indeed

  4. Вельмi шкада яе….💔

  5. Always love her song “playing with the queen of hearts.”. She will be missed.

  6. georgie hollander

    and we honestly love you darling………….Rest easy Olivia……………….xo

  7. I was a child when Grease came on and watching this video made me realize she was the one singing the many songs played here which I didn’t know it was her when I heard them over the years

  8. Attention all weirdos who don’t know what a woman is or was, here is a woman and a good one indeed

  9. So sad , and I’ve lost another part of my youth.

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