Okay, let us discuss this NEW Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Lite, or Nintendo Switch Mini, has been a rumour, a leak, for MONTHS. But, September 20th the SWITCH LITE IS REAL! So let us discuss the New Nintendo Switch, it is pros and cons, the negativity, the love and HOW I FEEL! LET’S GO! #nintendoswitchlite #switchlite #nintendoswitch

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  1. edit* NEW VIDEO! ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfQvgRxg2tU

    ARE YOU EXCITED?! Or do you not care in the slightest? LEMME KNOW BELOW BRO! (Or Sister, but Bro had better Flow)… ANYWAY, Subscribe and stuff! ?

  2. The only thing good about it is battery life and it’s cheaper

  3. A speculation excercise if you may –

    Imagine if we end up getting a switch lite which doubles as a substitute to the pro controller for existing switch systems with an added screen(remember Wii U controller) while still being stand alone when needed to.

    A cherry on top will be if the dock of switch pro ends up being a graphic booster and when combined with current standard switch makes the duo a suped up current gen console. Specially if switch pro has a possibility of selling just the dock separately for the current switch owners.

    Just imagine the crazy integrated gaming world that would be.

  4. His guy makes a good point. People who already have a switch are going out of their way to make complaints about a switch they already have. Nintendo did this switch for those who wanna actually buy it at a lower cost.

  5. The colors on the switch lite look disgusting tho

  6. Great clap back! I to was wondering about all the naysayers myself. If I hear another comment about drift omg give that issue a rest. The Switch Lite does not have joycons. Thanks for being a bright spot in my morning!


  8. Ashley Van Oeveren

    I still want a switch

  9. The Smartest Guy In The Room

    Yea…. Not getting that, give me a more powerful switch with better graphic….. Switch 1.5 ???

  10. I want your shirt. Can I have it? Where to buy it?

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