Okay but how did the Edwardians WASH these dresses?

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  1. Amazing.
    I wonder if cleaning with gasoline would be akin to modern dry cleaning with alcohols? Can’t imagine doing it by adding heat though :/ 🔥

  2. I used to work at an occult shop and bluing was often used as a spell component associated with purification for obvious reasons

  3. Give me a scrub board and wood fire copper for washing over a modern machine anyday. Unfortunately at my age i need a wringer as well. Washing was usually done in an outside laundry or just outside, at least thats what Gran said itvwas like in Australia. Everything was boiled and chemicals used for washing less of an issue. Gran’s mother had used stale urine for ammonia when she was younger.

    Loving your videos.

  4. Samantha Ellen Rook

    Washing machines (and plumbing in general) are one of our greatest inventions. Perhaps experiments similar to this should be conducted in schools so that kids can gain some appreciation of this. (We’ve had to hand wash everything before when our washing machine broke, and whilst it was no where near as convoluted a process as this, cos I was using modern detergents still, it was time consuming and it was labour intensive. So I do have at least some insight into this process. I was knackered at the end of it, and I do not recommend it. ) Oh, and just a side note: that long floral skirt is absolutely lovely and I now really wish I had one. 😸💕🌸

  5. I’m loving hair down Bernadette. So relaxed and has a comfy romantic vibes to it when long hair is let down. As a long haired lady myself, it’s very freeing to let it all down lol

  6. Sarah Fowler Wolfe

    Why wouldn’t you hand-agitate (or even brush) the stains? I’m surprised a few soaks alone were expected to remove stains.

  7. Most laundry soap has the blue in it so yes it’s still done. It’s just mixed in already

  8. Most liquid laundry detergent already has it, thats why some is detergents are blue. But I’ve also season glass jars of Bluing. Mostly Mrs. Stewarts liquid bluing

  9. This made me smile a couple of times bc it reminded me of my grandmother who passed about 5 years ago, she was presumably born in 1917 (presumably bc there’s a whole story on that) so her stories are from early 20th century life and used to mention using a couple of these techniques for laundry. The part about rinsing white clothes with blue soap/tint/powder is still used in some rural areas in Panama, we call the blue soap “rocío”, and the starch part is also widespread among traditional attire owners and confectioners, they used (and, sometimes, still use) cassava and tapioca starch for ironing the polleras

  10. I would have only survived those times if I was upper class enough to afford to pay people to do all this, I can barely stand doing laundry with all our fancy, easy modern stuff I would simply go nude and be thrown in jail back then I think.

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