which “would you rather” was the worst?
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  1. i mean it’s just like politics either you get fucked by your choice or you get fucked by choice lmao

  2. For freeeeee?????

  3. cool concept but badly executed imo, still really fun to watch!

  4. Broden, honestly the first vid that made me laugh from start to end. whatafuckingtorturehashtag <3

  5. I dunno if my just to new but wtf i just saw, i feel pretty weird, was this actually abuse???? someone please tell me wtf?

  6. Uhh i feel like the toilet water one is definitely not safe and not okay.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprise if one day Brodin would be like…

    Brodin: Hello Offline TV, I wanna play a game. 😈

  8. 27:00 Michael: “This is some Guantanamo Bay shit.” 🤣

  9. Mark Joseph Vitalez Roque

    Yo, yvonne mustard is chasing you year by year🤣

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