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  2. do more art

  3. EpIc ChEeSe MaN

    Michael: “is it the word or the shape”

    Scarra: “no it’s just a line”

  4. bo? I love that guy

  5. Kahfi XD Seal Online

    Michael is the top of everyone that can describe all the thing clearly. A true smart guy

  6. at the end lily just dies inside

  7. Commander Apollo

    I like how when the video progresses Lily’s hair went from fine to messy, Scarra is real confusing as heck, and they started going crazy lol

  8. Strong Kobayashi

    These pictures didn’t make sense to me

  9. 7:55 poki is just very memeable

  10. Ok ok, im not gunna lie. This is kinda hard to watch.

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