👀 Surprise! ✈️ We’re going to Japan!
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  1. Michael’s “Aysus” was so on point. Cant wait to meet him here in the philippines

  2. Michael is a different breed ig

  3. Yo I ain’t gonna cap OTV got the funniest wholesome content I’ve seen around 😂🤣

  4. Me, living in japan : heeeeeeeelllll yeeeeaah

  5. Plot twist, Toast buys everyone 1st class tickets🤣

  6. So close to 3 million, will probably hit it in the next few hours. Early congratulations!

  7. Istg brodin must be a big fan of Running Man or Infinity Challenge cause this challenge is hilarious

  8. Man the whole room smelled Asian

  9. i didnt look at the screen from 13:49 and forgot what i was watching for a moment

  10. Celine!!! Yay! Great challenge! Michael and Yvonne are OP!

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