Officials Call For Federal Investigation Into Traffic Stop Involving Delaware State University Lacro

Jan Carabeo reports.


  1. The deputies did a good job evidently they didn’t have any weed it won’t be 20 minutes they’ll get over it there’s no racial profiling that look like to me I saw the whole thing you guys just want to cry too much and bring in too much weed on buses with the lacrosse team

  2. Niamh De Na Crainn Arda

    God, could Georgia BE anymore racist and backward?

  3. Ok you can question the validity of the search, but saying it’s because they’re black? lmfao what a stretch

  4. Sad cops who can’t think for themselves. As a fireman, I see their poor brains….

  5. Fast Food Pit Stops

    Keep weeding out the bad cops and there won’t be any police left

  6. And this just in: Jan Carabeo blithely repeats her teleprompter in an “I could care less” monotone while the truth gets mal-reported.

  7. Urban Dwellers

    THIS is why we need to DEFUND MILITARY POLICING.

  8. i live in georgia and i completely agree, these small town officers really do think like that…”there’s probably some weed?” lol the situation would’ve been different if it was a bus full of white girls

  9. “Yalls”
    Typical southern trash

  10. Wat they did was wrong and illegal. They need warrants to get access to the under the bus. Warrant to search ur bags. Those r things that r not in eyesight.

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