Official Trailer #2 | PREMIERE 10/10/2022 | BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War | VIZ

Make ready to face destiny without any dread. There is nowhere left to run. ⚔️🔥

#BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War #Anime premieres on October 10, 2022!


  1. Thankful to be alive today to watch this. Waited what feels like over a decade+. Glad this anime got the love it deserves. Big 3 2022

  2. That Bankai hit hard af !!!!!!

  3. As some one that read the manga, the animation make you exited… until you remember how bad the contend of the ark actualy is.

  4. It’s finally here. After 10 years it’s finally here.

  5. Виталий Цихановский

    What is song 1:30

  6. There’s a little bit of anime influence here I can feel it.

  7. Chills head to toe, this is it guys BLEACH. IS. BACK!!!

  8. I got chills!!!

  9. So once Bleach is over is this what Black Clover will be looking like? Actually I’d be really happy if Pierrot got a second chance at all their butchered anime

  10. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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