Officers in Nevada ruin teeny tiny homes constructed for homeless in Las Vegas

Full story on KTNV Channel 13:

Home means Nevada. It is our state’s official song.

Still, many folks in Las Vegas have no place to call home, living instead on the roads, under overpasses, or in washes and tunnels. But 13 Investigators uncovered how local leaders are bulldozing an approach that could provide safe haven for some of our most susceptible citizens.


  1. The law is the law

  2. So, where are the homeless going!?!

  3. You would think that they would have enough compassion for these homeless people to help them and not be so black and white with code enforcement. Local government has too much power to dictate use of land that you paid for and pay taxes on every year.

  4. The declared war on the homeless, shit bags sitting in there office needs to be tossed

  5. No one has to help you…Get off your lazy, drunk. dope addict ass and go to work.. or move down the road..

  6. That’s is down right Evil…..I pray My Heavenly Father Steps in and cause these people to have a change of heart. The battle is against evil in High Places. Help us 🙏 Father in Heaven in Jesus Name. People have gotten so confused. Even with laws. What is wrong laws are voted in to make it right. What was once Right…law makers call it wrong. The World is going backwards.

  7. The North Las Vegas scumbag officials who ordered demolition of these people tiny homes in their own private property all must be fired. They have nothing else to do with their over paid do nothing job so they destroyed the only possessions and hopes of these unfortunate folks. Really despicable.

  8. They want solutions to the homeless problem and a great man took charge and they couldn’t have that! This is out in the middle of the desert Totally appalling! All praise to the gentleman!! TOTAL DISRESPECT FOR COMMUNITY LOCAL GOVT!!!

  9. Such systematic discrimination by those who “have” against those who don’t have anyghing – just because they can.

    Thank you gov’t for helping make your community beautiful again.

    But don’t forget some of you are only 1 or 2 paychecks away from joining these same people you are persecuting today. You may need their help later…

    Such a sad story on the arrogance of those who believe they are gods just because they have a “public” office. In the end, it did not end well for them in Rome and in France – and I’ve heard told “history repeats itself”.



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