Officers exploring skeletal remains discovered at Lake Mead

Lake Mead authorities are exploring the relevation of skeletal remains discovered in the area on Tuesday.


  1. Anonny Anonymous

    It’s kind of creepy to think they’re drinking water that has dead bodies in it.

  2. Lake graveyard

  3. shammus O’Malley

    This is just the beginning of a long saga of discovery of what is covered up by these dams

  4. ————————————-

    Hoffa will be found

  5. these are all the people who died from the mobsters long ago hahaa

  6. Mafia,I Soul loved use my metal detector are how many gold silver buried there mafia hmmmmmmmmm

  7. silent voice in the dark

    At this rate Lake Meade is going to become a democrat strong hold in the next election

  8. Those are buffalo bones.

  9. at this time 5 times. in case you didn’t count

  10. Skeletal Remains is an awesome metal band.

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