Odell, D-Hop and DK Aren’t Allowed to Party with TEU | Gridiron Heights S6E2

Travis Kelce, George Kittle and Gronk start their own Tight End University and will not let the wide receivers party with them. New 2-min episode of #GridironHeights

Stay tuned for another live animated press briefing next week!


  1. Shakiem Jean Joseph

    The Gridiron Heights are Back!

  2. “No Taysom Hill” Why!?
    “No Taysom Hill till he admits he is one of us” LOL

  3. I like that Darren Waller is getting screen time

  4. Gronk cracks me up everytime. Idiot savant of football

  5. “Some faces NEED beards!”
    Exactly what I thought when Kelce shaved. That beard was so iconic during the season they won the Superbowl that it had it’s own slogan here in KC: Fear the Beard

  6. Travis, you’re Tri-Lambda. It’s time for the nerds to take REVENGE!

  7. Why didn’t they give Kyle Pitts the toddler voice?

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