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  1. I called it baby, years ago, love buggy the emperor

  2. I think he will teach momo to read ponyclfics

  3. Eliyna FΓΉΟ‚α›• M𝒆 πŸ’‹-C𝕙e𝐂k οΌ­π•ͺ P𝐑Oπ”½π•€π•ƒΠ•πŸ’Ÿ

    I still feel like the Sunny is Pluton, or at least based heavily enough on the original design that it essentially is now. Oda loves hidden in plain sight foreshadowing. Having someone who’s seen and then destroyed the blueprints turn around and make a new ship normally would be an immediate red flag but it’s kept in the conversation like it still exists elsewhere. We could easily get a scene with Robin and Sukiyaki where he explains a mistranslation of “Pluton is in Wano” to “Pluton will be in Wano”.

  4. One thing I’m still wondering, did we get a confirmation on who the lurking legend in wano was (who we saw drinking with Crocus)? Is that guy yet to be revealed or did I miss it completely?

  5. i wont be surpised if buggy becomes pirate king before luffy

  6. Wano is Pluton.

  7. So the next chapter will be a “from the decks of the world” I’m guessing. That would be pretty awesome

  8. Eliyna FΓΉΟ‚α›• M𝒆 πŸ’‹-C𝕙e𝐂k οΌ­π•ͺ P𝐑Oπ”½π•€π•ƒΠ•πŸ’Ÿ

    Really hoping Usopp is going to get some time to shine against Aramaki the Green Bull since Boin Archipelago could be used to prepared him for this specific devil fruit. He spent two years training with killer plants that could attack from potentially anywhere.

  9. playerkingawesome

    AND we’ve heard about Ryokugyu since early Dressrosa.

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