Ocean of Thieves Season Seven: Official Content Update Video

Purchase and name ships, investigate brand-new personalisation selections, enjoy perks offered by the Sovereigns and shipwrights, reach Milestones to unlock prizes and lots more. Make ready to #BeMoreCaptain in Ocean of Thieves Season Seven, setting sail on August fourth!


Sea of Thieves Merch: https://www.raregames.store/sea-of-thieves


Xbox Live Gold necessary to play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (sold individually).


  1. HYPEEEEEE, totally worth the wait!!

  2. I’m worried that a lot of this stuff is gonna be expensive

  3. Where the new world events since you guys took one out

  4. Now gold curse variations

  5. A new update, favoriting creativity over content?
    Now that’s my kind of update, lads!

  6. Daleeeeeeeeeeeeeee transinhaaaaaaa dmsssssssssssssssssssss

  7. The only safest place to sell everything still the reapers hidout

  8. Creators against spammers


  9. I wonder if the Flamehart music is Foreshadowing anything

  10. Am poor gimme money

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