Ocean of Thieves Season Eight: Official Content Update Video

Make ready to engage in on-demand, Faction-based PvP combat, earn Allegiance and prizes, achieve uncommon Curses, unlock fresh regions to investigate and more in Ocean of Thieves Season Eight! The battle commences on November 22nd.


Sea of Thieves Merch: https://www.raregames.store/sea-of-thieves


Xbox Live Gold necessary to play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (sold individually).


  1. THE BEST UPDATE HANDS DOWN!!! LETS GOOOOOO, bringing me back to the game for sure

  2. Honestly i am scared. Since everything is locked by pvp. I Wonder what the solo sloopers will do.

    • You can fight other solos. The matchmaking takes into account ship size and players. Also, it’ll take account skill as well. You don’t have to miss out!

  3. While I absolutely LOVE the new curses and pieces… those of us who have been here since day 1 and grinding hard to unlock rare costume items/curses, there needs to be some smaller theme pieces that allow you to incorporate it into you’re existing costume! Awesome looking update though, VERY much looking forward to it! 😃🤙

  4. I hope this update keeps the sweatlords away. I’m tired of having my time wasted when im just trying to max out my factions before I touch pvp. You know how many hours of grinding have been wasted because of braindead “YoU fLy An EmMiSaRy So YoU oWe Me PvP” reapers attacking without provocation? Too god damn many for the few hours I get to play weekly.

  5. I got to Pirate Legend in this past season and then didn’t know what do to with myself, so I moved on to other games. Thank you, Rare, for giving me reasons to come back again! I’m not even a PVP player and lately I was missing PVP!

  6. I hope next season they find a way to make Devil’s Roar more relevant — even just with new mission types or something. Then, I’d really like an arctic curse season where everything gets icy and you have to avoid moving icebergs. Or, better, give us a larger pirate city with some small RPG elements as our different factions try to take control. I’d love some sort of distant royalty or government or company trying to take out the Sea of Thieves, similar to Beckett’s role in POTC. Not sure if it will happen, but I’d love a Sea of Thieves new Tall Tale arc that focuses on more cinematic storytelling and gives us a “they mean business” original villain with a scarily human side.

  7. I just want to be a skeleton, not grind out getting killed over and over in pvp

  8. This is absolutely incredible!
    Great job you scallywags!

  9. The fact that the reapers were shown doing pve stuff while the athena emissaries were looking for a fight is ironically accurate

  10. This is insane, this is everything a PVP player has wanted
    So happy to see that Flameheart vs the Pirate lord is going to finally be something you can actually FIGHT for

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