Ocean Fishing & Trading Campers With Mav

Here is the long awaited meetup for a full camping expedition with Mav & me. Ocean fishing for Coho salmon and crabs. This was a great distraction and was such a genuinely fun time. I swapped my trailer with Mav for the night and slept in his truck camper. If you haven’t heard of him for some reason, please check him out! He does truck camping adventures and is a super cool guy.

Mav will likely be posting his own camping video from this adventure in a few weeks as well.


  1. Look at Steve thinking of other people when so many people have been thinking of him. That is class.

  2. Mav needs to meet crazy nabor and Steve needs to meet murry

  3. Its nice to see you smiling again and enjoying your time with Mav. Thank you for allowing us along on your journey. Take care. Peace!

  4. Great video! I think the trailer should be named the “beautiful little trailer” as a n homage to beautiful wife

  5. U guys should definitely plan a road trip

  6. Love the crossover. T&P Steve

  7. I’m so glad your back Steve!! I’m sorry for all you’ve been through😞🙏 Just glad your back. I feel normal again watching your videos. It heals me. Love you bro!!👍

  8. Not gonna lie it weird seeing Steve in mass truck lololol it’s like wait a minute somethings not right here lololol

  9. Hey Steve I’m not sure how your keeping your chin up , my wife Beverly needs a heart transplant but being O+ blood and 62 her chances are dim , wish I had your attitude, not that you’re not in extreme pain because we all know you are, God bless be safe

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