kenobi is once again reaching out to qui gon jinn, his old master. I guess in these 1 decade he has not been able to reach him. Yoda’s training has not gone too well I guess.
as he hears voices of the past, like yoda telling him only ache will you find, qui gon’s plea to train anakin, reverberations of anakin on mustafaor, we see Vader being assembled, truly linking the fact that anakin and vader are now the same person physically. obi wan can feel vader, and tells quigon that he is coming.

As Vader storms out of his chamber, which looks lke the same one from Rogue One, we get a gorgeous shot of mustafar and his castle. For those new to star wars, this is the same place where he combated obi-wan and lost, searing alive. This is in addition where in the comics, he opened a portal underneath his castle to bring back his dead spouse padme, which of course did not work as planned. check out the marvel darth vader comics and darth momin for more about that.
Vader sits atop his obsidian throne, as he orders Reva around. Where is he, he says, and we hear this is james earl jones iconic voice. I feel it could be perfected with some audio engineering like how luke skywalker’s voice was made in the mandalorian, being completely computer generated.
He tells her that kenobi is all that matters, not the grand inquisitor. She clearly has lied and told Vader that Kenobi killed the GI, to which of course Vader will realize that this is impossible once he fights Kenobi and sees he’s pathetic.

He explains he knows what she wants, to be the grand inquisitor. If she brings him Kenobi, he will award her the promotion. If she fails, he’ll terminate her. So Vader has definitely given the go ahead to the Empire to track Kenobi down, and notify him once they have him in near sight. Vader ends communication and gets up like a robot, his lightsaber hanging from his belt, emitter side up, just like the original trilogy.

As They land on Mapuzo, a mining system, we see a lifter droid and an R5 unit. R5 was the droid in a new hope that had the bad motivator, which was replaced by R2D2 to Luke Skywalker and Uncle Owen. This isn’t the same R5 unit, just a R5 unit.

As Obi-Wan looks out in to the distance, he sees dark side Anakin in his jedi robes. this is the first time we see Anakin played by hayden christensen in anything since revenge of the sith. I had to do a double take, I couldn’t believe it was him.

They enter a room that many Jedi have been in, this is a safe house, called the path. It all leads to Jabim, where they give the force sensitives captured by the empire, new identities and free them. As Leia asks what happens to them, it’s revealed no one ever sees them again. So I can say what happens to the is that the empire takes them in, and tries to convert them to the dark side. As Kenobi reveals carving on the walls from Quinlan Voss. This is amazing. We haven’t heard of Quinlan in forever, no one knew if he lived or died from Order 66. Quinlan was a powerful Jedi during the clone wars, he helped obi-wan on many missions and had a unique ability shared with Cal Kestis called psychometry.

I think this is Hayden in the suit.

Kenobi runs away, and he’s stopped to see Vader infront of him. Igniting his crimson red lightsaber. Obi-Wan wants no part of this and runs away. Finally igniting his saber as Vader tells him he can’t hide forever.

We get the best line where Kenobi says what have you become?
Vader puases and says I am what you made me.

They fight and it doesn’t look good for Kenobi at all, Vader overpowers him and he’s literally toying with him. 10 years have led to this moment, where Vader wants KEnobi to suffer. He’s also extremely cautious, as in this 10 years he’s had time to reflect on everything, and realizes his loss could have been avoided had he not been so arrogant and quick to make decisions. Rageful Vader is learning about Kenobi, he’s more tactful, more experienced, and more patient, waiting for the right time to unleash.

Reva finds the safe house.

Vader lifts Kenobi with the dark side of the force, choking him, spilling flammable material, as Obi-Wan drops his lightsaber.
Igniting the substance, Vader throws Obi-Wan into the fire, dragging him with the force, paying him back to how Obi-Wan left him on mustafar, burning alive. Telling him this is only the beginning for the pain he’s about to feel.
Vader clearly wants Obi-Wan to die very slowly, only after suffering to Vader’s enjoyment. That’s why he didn’t go all out, he’s savouring the moment. Playing with his food before he eats. As Storm troopers come, Vader orders them to bring him, when one is shot by the lady helping obi-wan, and she explodes a cannister into massive flames. Vader watches Kenobi being picked up by the loader droid who i think is wrecker or Rex, and we see the flames in his lenses. Symbolizing his rage and his past with obi-wan, the fires that turned him into who he is today.


  1. Matthew Ryan Schemelia

    Where is the best place to
    Buy a lightsaber

  2. All aside. I believe what would’ve made this episode perfect was anakin watching keonbi grovel on the floor. We could moan about the fact he didn’t persist. But let’s be real. If you had the resources and assets that vader had. I think you’d be 50/50 between butchering your nemesis and letting them cower in fear. Its classic

  3. I hope they’ll have another fight

  4. I think everyone reading the a new hope line wrong. ‘When I left you I was but the learner…’

    He means when he left the Jedi. When he left his masters side in the order. When he became Vader. That’s what he’s talking about.

    When he left the jedi order behind he was just the learner, now… I’m the empire. He is the master.

  5. I can’t believe people are enjoying this, the dialogue, acting and scenes are so bad.

  6. IrishGermanMutt

    Vader letting Kenobi go comes from swirl of emotions Vader was feeling in that moment. He easily overpowered the man who changed his life forever, soaking in the moment, enjoying the fact he can toy with him the way he wants. The troopers coming in and one of them getting shot ruined the moment for Vader. Vader is showing the same pride in this moment that cost him his physical well being on Mustafar. This is not how he wants Kenobi to die. He wants Kenobi to feel fear and truly dread their next encounter. I believe that’s why he let him go.

  7. I watched the episode with my friend yesterday who has no knowledge of the comics or books, and his understanding from the episode was that Vader didn’t go through the flames because he has trauma from being burned. I know living on Mustafar kind of negates that to a degree, but it’s not like he is jumping over lava puddles on the way in and out of his palace. He has a safe fortress away from the actual flames. With that said, because live action Disney is always going to attempt to appeal to a broader audience than die hard fans, they could be trying to make the message that Vader is afraid of fire after being burned alive. But it does seem pretty dumb they had him basically put the fire out with the force only seconds before he decided he couldn’t go through it. Pretty lazy writing if you ask me, but I did love the episode over all.

  8. How was is at all possible to create such an emotionless, lame and poor written Star Wars episode that contains Vader. Also, at that age that Obi would say “master, master….”….being on of the highest masters is a further proof of his deconstruction. EPS 3 gave me way too much BOBF Vibes…..I do not understand that people can be so happy with such low quality content.

  9. I feel that she should have kept shooting at Vader and the troopers, as the droit takes obi wan to safety. Vader searching for him for ten years to just let him escape is silly. I feel that her shooting the troopers, Vader walking through the flame to maybe have his leg cut off again or something of that nature by Obi-wan would have made the escape much better.

  10. I think it was Zack Braff from scrubs that was the moleman

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