Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 1 BREAKDOWN

The start of the episode began with a recap of the prequels, finishing with yoda’s line to him at the finish of vengeance of the sith where he tells Obi-Wan he has training for him, to instruct him to commune with his old master qui-gon. So I think for sure we will see or hear Qui-Gon Jinn’s force ghost once again.

We start on coruscant, at the jedi temple where the younglings are being taught by a jedi master, as two 501st clones rush in to execute order 66. As she does her best to protect the younglings, she gets conquered and we see one of the younglings centred. I believe this might be a young Reva. She was a Jedi as the grand inquisitor states. We hear palpatine incessantly say execute order 66 as see them running away while the temple is under assault as we saw in vengeance of the sith.

Transitioning to Tatooine, we see the Inquisitors land down and interrogate a cantina for the location of a Jedi hiding there. Reva makes use of tactics to snuff him out
that are really heaty in the eyes of the Grand Inquisitor, we must recollect that the senate continues to be one thing at present, and is not disbanded quite yet. So Palpatine still does not has as much free reign as he does in the original trilogy with blowing up alderaan and doing whatever he pleases anytime. The Jedi gets away and the Grand Inquisitor tells Reva he’s had enough of her wreckless conduct and her fixation on Kenobi, that he’s not hers to find. He’s Vader’s, are my thoughts. I think she loathes Kenobi so much for failing Anakin, but I might well be mistaken.
We finally hook up with Kenobi cutting sushi in the middle of the desert, making a living for himself as a normal man. Getting back to his Eopie, which might well be the same one from vengeance of the sith, he feeds it and heads back home. Heading to his cave, makes himself at home when he’s visited by a Jawa named TEEKA who hands Kenobi a toy ship, a lambda t4a imperial shuttle for Luke.
When Teeka shows him a belt of the Jedi we just saw, telling Obi-Wan that a Jedi ran through the dune ocean inquisitors after him and all and Obi-Wan says the Jedi are all extinct, now he knows that a jedi is here and the inquisitors are aware. This makes his job more tough to protect Luke. He has to be on a higher alert now and keep watch of the kid more than normal.

As he goes to sleep, he has ptsd of Anakin and what occurred to him. This is 1 decade after the events of vengeance of the sith, meaning his ptsd was most probably even worse in the years previous. He attempts to reach out to qui-gon, and this is not the very first time. The start of the episode began with a recap of the prequels, finishing with yoda’s line to him at the finish of vengeance of the sith where he tells Obi-Wan he has training for him, to educate him to commune with his old master qui-gon. So to me, I think obi-wan has not spoken to qui-gon yet. He;s trying, but he is not linking himself to the force, he can not. If he does, the empire will detect him. and Sniff him out like a dog to food.

Obi-Wan observes over Luke as he runs from Owen, much like Anakin, frisky and rebellious.

Through the desert, Obi-Wan is discovered by Navi, the Jedi the inquisitors were after. He has a short interchange with Obi-Wan who makes believe he’s not the widely known Jedi Master. He finally breaks and tells the kid to forget the Jedi and let it go. To bury his lightsaber in the sand. Kenobi is a damaged man. He’s hurting and he’s no longer the same optimistic man he used to be. I believe the point is to show a damaged obi-wan turning into the optimistic alec guiness obi-wan we see later.

On Alderaan we meet with Leia. This is the finest casting of a young Leia I’ve ever seen. I think she played the role so well. She portrays Leia’s rebellious, know it all persona while being cute simultaneously. Playing tricks on her mom and running off into the woods to investigate.

Obi-Wan’s mundane life repeats itself and it appears like it is truly taken the wind from his sails. Heading back to his Eopie, Uncle Owen throws the toy he left for Luke onto the ground and tells Kenobi to leave them alone. Owen does not like Obi-Wan for many reasons. One being that he blames Kenobi for the fall of Anakin and turn into Darth Vader, and the entire state of the galaxy. He in addition does not like how Obi-Wan is constantly viewing over Luke, he supposes it will eventually tip somebody off and it will get them hurt all due to obi-wan snooping around and keeping watch.

Obi-Wan asks if Luke is okay, and owen says you do not care if he’s okay you care if he’s showing. He means showing signs of the force. Meaning Owen supposes Kenobi only makes use of Luke to push him to be a Jedi like Anakin, and that did not turn out well.

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