Nyjah Huston’s “Shine On” Part

At the height of his powers, Nyjah persistently chases the kingdom of the unfeasible. Send and Destroy.


  1. Can we mention the videographer this is unreal. And the Song of the Siren!

  2. Loved every minute of this, every clip was a banger!!!! Makes me wanna skate again so bad haven’t skated in 4 months but It makes me wanna skate again real bad

  3. I am absolutly not a fan of the filming, looks like they used an iphone for the fisheye…. But nyjah rly destroyed it with the skating 👌

  4. wow, that was really really amazing!

  5. This should finally be Nyjah’s SOTY Part. But them songs. Dude, I know Nyj’ likes to listen to techno… do that. Or just pull a dope classic rock or hip hop song. Kid worked and got robbed by the amateur who put the songs in.

  6. Amazing part! I think Nyjahs skating would look even better with less polished cinematography and music – this is almost too smooth.

    This type of cinematography would be super-interesting to see on rough, super-crusty spots.

  7. Rolling4Life!-Media-House!.

    JAH ! – 1LOVE !

  8. Music doesn’t really fit the vibe I get from Nyjah’s skating but that’s just me.

  9. Someone should sponsor this guy

  10. Is this a Nike ad?

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