NVIDIA awaits to get away with this…

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  1. Lueiriueiur lueiriuediuR

    The best thing reviewers can do is not be talking about this stupid launch, reject their cards… think about it for every free card you get from nvidia they make tons of money out of nowhere, this is how they can get away with all of these sshh, let’s follow EVGA nvida must go to hell once and for all.

  2. Could have been the 4080 and 4080 super still leaving room for the TI to slot into the stack

  3. I completely agree Jay, NVIDIA messed up.

  4. What is your “two cents” on 1440p gaming benchmarks Jay? Please quantify the actual personal experience metric with the “virtual”Benchmarks metrics. Could you tell the difference between similar GPU/CPU builds by experience alone?
    That would be an interesting video wouldn’t it?✌️

  5. Looks like Nvidia needs a bigger lesson to be taught than Intel.

  6. “i love the product nvidia makes…

    i just wish it wasnt made by nvidia” LMAO

  7. I think you forgot that Nvidia is also pushing the cost of the warehouses of 30 series GPU’s to the consumers. The price of production might’ve gone up, but you will see that in retail the price of cards are going to stack according to their relative performance, and not the even close to MSRP, just so the 30 series can be a justifiable purchase. Even the leather jacket has given an interview saying GPU prices won’t go down as form of indoctrination so that people don’t wait out and just buy what they can afford. You can pin this comment when it happens.

  8. I stopped buying Nvidia a while back. They have turned into a trash company

  9. I want to give AMD my money…I really do…but they’re just not there yet when it comes to GPUs. It’s anecdotal, but pretty much everyone I know that has had major issues with their GPU have had an AMD. Even newer ones. NVidia sucks as a company, but like Jay said they DO have the best product. At the end of the day, I’m paying for the product and am able and willing to look into the specs. I wish there was a better alternative but I’m addicted to launch day driver updates for my games and GPUs that constantly work, even if you push them a little harder than you should.

  10. I could get a 4090 but I’m sticking by the principle of not getting mugged off by pigs unchecked at the troth with an endless supply of consumer feed!

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