Nuclear Fusion: Inside the breakthrough that could change our world | 60 Minutes

On December fifth, researchers at the National Ignition Facility reached a breakthrough in nuclear fusion by generating a response with an energy gain. It might be a step towards a world in the far off future where fusion is a source of power.

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  1. “The power of the sun in the palm of my hands”

  2. To bad we don’t have 20 years left to solve climate change

  3. Great story!

  4. In Romania Braila there are 12°C, in Jan 2015 normal weather was – 15
    , hurry up

  5. Glad I waited until the hype died down before celebrating. As I suspected at the time of the overdramatic announcement, there are still some serious caveats and hurdles to overcome before we get our energy this way. It’s nice to see that we’re at least making tangible progress.

  6. Always seems to be a new carrot to chase… New nuclear is far more efficient and effective with a small footprint then any point in history but yet here we go again…. With the tip jar

  7. Please don’t make earth to sun..

  8. Nuclear power was already a world-changing accomplishment, and could power the entire world in a far cheaper and more environmentally-friendly way. Why was it never implemented on a global scale? Fear, and more importantly, because it would render coal nearly useless. Which is bad for business. Until the world is not controlled by the worst greed-driven monsters you could ever imagine, the world will not change.

  9. HappyHealerForPresident 2024

    Wow, I just watched the video and I am blown away by the progress being made in nuclear fusion. The breakthrough at the National Ignition Facility is a game changer for our future energy needs. The idea of a world powered by fusion is truly exciting and this video is a great reminder of the incredible things we can achieve when we work together. The contrast and comparison of the current state of nuclear energy and the potential for fusion is truly fascinating. Kudos to the team at NIF and the “60 Minutes” team for bringing this incredible story to light. The future is looking brighter with every step forward in fusion research.

  10. Changes the world makes it better place let’s hope it happen soon .

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