NRL 2023 | Dolphins v Sydney Roosters | Match Highlights

The Dolphins host the Sydney Roosters in Round 1 of the NRL Telstra Premiership

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  1. Wayne Bennett should be happy with how he set his dolphins squad up. They looked good.

  2. Making a rugby edit with these 🔥good start for the dolphins 🐬

  3. The dolphins are a good rugby league team

  4. The BENNET EFFECT. His style of play is undeniable. When you teach your players to play what’s in front of them. Wayne ALWAYS gets the best of individuals

  5. Roosters looked like a team that haven’t had a pre season.

  6. That Kaufusi hit on his former Teammate was brutal😵…definitely top 1 hits for 2023!!😬

  7. Key players make for a strong team both offensively and defensively. GF contender?…see how they perform in their first 7 games.

  8. Check out my wrap of this HISTORIC match – in my latest video 😉

  9. Valiant effort, ‘Fins 👏🐬🏉

  10. That first try looked so forward !

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