NOW is the iPad Pro a Computer??

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We gave the iPad Pro a bit of a harsh review. Does putting in iPadOS make it any better as a laptop computer replacement?

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  1. 12:16 – Uh… Whatcha drawing there, friend?
    12:20 – Oh. Well then. Carry on.

  2. Touchscreen laptops are super overrated

  3. Still hate that iPad pro hahaha shitty device

  4. I’ve said this before and will say it again, laptops trying to be tablet or vice versa are a bad idea, they are (at least for me) very different devices for different purposes, that being said, for the last year my new work relies very little on me using my computer so it helped me see that for most mainstream users a tablet (a good one) is more than enough for their use case I can easily see a family where iPads are the only computing device available and it would never present a problem

  5. TimeCode Mechanics

    I think your conclusion is right. I believe the iPad is for a younger more modern user, who easily switches between content consumer and content creator. I really only use my computer for certain things. But some of those things the iPad does better. Now with a better file manager Imagine a 15 inch iPad that you can just drop in your bag and take everywhere. Like you said, Apple sells laptops, the iPad is for someone who doesn’t want to carry a laptop.

  6. wheres anthony

  7. A smartphone or tablet will never be a PC.
    Change the name of an app on Android or ios! You can’t. You have so small power over your mobile device.

  8. Sultan Al Ahmad

    The first couple of minutes of the video are bolshit but in the end it was not so bad.

  9. Ashmeed Mohammed

    f* apple

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