Now I Know My ABCs (…Epilogue) | Alphabet Lore

If you believed the “Alphabet Lore” story felt unfinished… you were right. When I began these as every day workout routines, I planned 28 video clips for the 28 days of February (with Y, n, Z, + “Epilogue” being the final four).

I knew this one would take a while, so I uploaded the A-Z(…) Compilation meantime, and planned to quietly substitute with a finished one before too many folks had seen it, but it blew up beyond my wildest expectancies.

Thanks to everybody who’s shown so much support for “Alphabet Lore”. I am so proud to have ended this chapter, and I’m looking forward to showing you all what is next!
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  1. Wilson Barrientos

    Saturn Z

  2. So z saw f was alone so he bring cry to bring small letter in 2018 and q give n the ? to n and n became friends with f and f was happy and f and n and f we’re putting chessk in n and n let f put her chessk in her and z didn’t cry so good ending and ABC letter f was alone and cry out of power and got mad that n didn’t came and f went away and p and g was kissing and f went top to see n and z see f got sad and he grow up with little z and he cry and turn them small letter to 2018 and that was the bad ending

  3. Yay

  4. Z power is za warudo?

  5. The ba- I mean good ending

  6. Angel Mathias Salazar Reyes

    ok so, this is done, but… if this is the real end… no… WE NEED MORE A 2CN PART OF THIS LIEK THIS IF YOU WANT 2ND PART THIS NEEDS A REAL END

  7. And just like that! z is created!

  8. Wait a second…

  9. i love this

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