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  1. Mstellitlikeitis48TheTea

    I really enjoy watching your videos however I have to agree with a comment that I read and that is how is it that you guys can build everything and not build a fireplace inside your home. I’ll have to say you are the two issues that you are facing and one is the water issue and one is the warmth issue you should not have a problem with warmth because you guys are a bunch of geniuses and if you can build a container that looks like that you can certainly build a fireplace. You should not be freezing in your home it should be nice and warm and snuggly and with the fireplace and eating marshmallows and drinking hot cocoa and just being so happy not sad. 😥

  2. Bear always looks so majestic

  3. I was thinking of you today. Way south of you and we still have some freezing nights. Wondered if you might sleep in the little trailer to keep warm.

  4. Y’all should think about drilling a well and use grid power for that since you have a power pole there. You still can be off grid but to have that option opens up some safety options.

  5. That night sky was beautiful!♥️

  6. The tile looks so awesome! I am always excited when a new video is out. Thank you for sharing your journey

  7. Somebody suggested using pond water for toilet. Good idea.
    My idea. Bury the potable water tanks in the ground. It takes a long time for the temperature of the ground to drop to freezing. 2 metres down the ground hasn’t frozen.

  8. Panderichthys rhombolepis

    Just a suggestion: Could you guys not winterize your windows to cut down on your heating bills.

  9. Where are the dogs during the cold weather and snow? Do they have a heated space?

  10. Incredible advancement in the house (sarcastic) it really become a waste off time being a subscriber if you want to keep making money in youtube u should consider another project.

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