Norway’s most powerful man VS Rock Climbing

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Filmed by Markus Skaane, edited by Magnus Midtbø

Music and Sound Effects:​

Climbing with the most powerful man in Norway


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    • I can’t make this up lol, I’m a Canadian uni student and I had a paper due yesterday, and this one ebook I wanted wasn’t available in my country, so I tried a bunch of nord servers and ended up using Norway and that unlocked my book 🤣🤣🤣

      Ngl I ended up submitting it incomplete but still, papa nord was there for me :’)

    • Hey, love the vid! Would apprecizte if there was a link to the other video on Sondre channel (if it is up yet)?

    • Sondre should be a regular on the channel, I would love to see you two climb together more. just have a regular sesh with a low-climb-IQ superhuman, get him outside when he’s ready, literally show him the ropes.

  2. Freaking gorgeous dude. No homo

  3. The man child.

  4. abdelrahman ahmed

    All this guy needs is a well groomed beard and he’s a modern day viking along with Hafþór

  5. it is slightly depressing watching these two thinking i will never be as good looking or in shape as either, but at least i can work on the in shape part lol

  6. Try his workout

  7. SO interesting! you guys are SO impressive this was fun to watch!! Nice work both of you, Norways strongest man is BEAST and MAGNUS is a WIZARD

  8. He’s a good looking girl from Norway. Bahahha

  9. I would absolutely LOVE these two to do a physical fitness/wellness podcast. I think there’s so much they could cover there

  10. I do think form is important because it makes for a more controlled and consistent handstand

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