North Miami Beach Restaurant Manager Finds GPS Under SUV

A North Miami Beach eating place proprietor says surveillance cameras outdoors of his business captured a guy putting a GPS tracker on his automobile. NBC 6’s Amanda Plasencia reports


  1. Yea… we need surveillance cameras everywhere. This is scary.

  2. If they wanted to find out what was going on, the cops should have taken the tracker to an abandoned lot/remote area and see who showed up. Now that it’s on the news, they’ll never know.

  3. “feds” busted again…., maybe some money laundering case, his phone might be tapped……..

  4. Nevertheless I’m glad he found it…

  5. He’s an Asian buy and a black guy put a GPS tracker on the car. I’ed be scared blacks hate Asians.

  6. Its a paid HIT set up!

  7. Sleep w. One eyed open at night. I think the wife has every reason to do this. Its usually the ones that are closest to you that you wouldn’t suspect.

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