Nonexistent Objects & Imaginary Worlds: Crash Course Philosophy #29

Today we transition between units on language and aesthetics with a discussion of nonexistent and imaginary items. Is it possible to make correct assertions about things that are not real? We will look into Meinong’s Jungle and the idea of a universe of discourse.

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  1. Bananas are still chom choms right?

  2. Points for Espeon.

  3. I feel like your body would be a zombie, but the ghost would materialize
    outside the body.

    • Collin Bruce (OKMC)

      Quick somebody call Sam and Dean!

    • Lawrence Calablaster

      +CrashCourse One’s ghost would remain as an eternal guardian of worlds.
      That’s chilling; it’s like a Doctor Who thing.

    • I think that what would happen is entirely dependent on how ghosts and
      zombies are created in this world. If the zombies exist as a disease that
      takes control of your body, while ghosts are formed through some spiritual
      means then you’re correct. However, if both are formed from supernatural
      means such as a curse, then the two must remain separate. There’s those and
      many more examples.

    • I agree. And then maybe your ghost self could run around trying to help
      your surviving loved ones out. Be a lookout or something. At least, that is
      my grand vision of deceased self in the ghost/zombie universe.


  4. im a chom chom ?

  5. When CC philosophy starts with you questioning your foundation, and knocks
    on the unthought realm and intellectually tickles you to a smile.
    You know it’s gonna be awesome.

    • Read ‘On Denoting’ by Russell, or something about what is said in On
      Denoting. Something that I’ve picked up from Crash Course is that whilst it
      is an okay layman’s tool for learning about philosophy, understanding how
      brilliant and intricate the arguments about nonexistentials really are.

    • Like Real and False, and truth and untruth. ARE NOT THE SAME!

      PS still not watched the whole video.

  6. So if Harambe is dead but lives on through the Internet and memes…did he
    ever really die? #deep

    • Hardly a new idea.

      So long as men can breathe and eyes can see,
      So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

    • lives on in what sense? you literally just said he’s dead….

    • +James C Exactly. Presistence because poor dear Harambe existed before
      (pre) now.

    • Pre is before something. Perhaps postsistence.

    • Yeah, I actually think it’s a very good question whether when one says that
      “Harambe subsists” we are referring to the previously existent Harambe
      (r.i.p.) that has transferred from the realm of existence to the realm of
      subsistence without existence… Or whether we are referring to a cultural
      artifact that is only a cheap representation of the glorious being that is
      the formerly existent Harambe (r.i.p.).

  7. So you’re saying mai waifu is real?

  8. A E S T H E T I C

  9. Bananas are chom choms

  10. I cringed when I heard 221 c Baker Street

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