Nobody asked but I discovered Mortal Kombat’s best cuddler | Unraveled

Mortal Kombat is a ghastly game filled with homicidal characters that, sincerely, should settle down a little. So Brian David Gilbert unraveled which Mortal Kombatant would snuggle the greatest.


  1. 0:02
    “REVOLVE…er Ocelot”

  2. My favourite part is the subtitles, with every single C being replaced with a K.

  3. Which Witcher 3 enemy would be the best Prom date?

  4. *Scorpia in the new NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon is the best hugger.*

  5. “He pees to much” got me lol

  6. Alfred Jason Tai

    Bdg lookin like he want pictures of Spider-Man on his desk asap

  7. WorriedRemediation

    I beg of you, please do something, anything, on Homestuck


  9. Ummm Mocap is the best cuddler dummy

  10. What’s up with the fingernails? Can someone explain

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